My Alaska Romance – Who Knew?

Clarence Strait waves during a storm with mountains in the back in AlaskaClarence Strait, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

“Can a person have a romance with a state?” I asked after sitting in on a romance session at an author’s conference. Learning the tropes for writing romance, I discovered my remote Alaskan life fit the genre perfectly. Who knew? For 20 years, I had a love-hate relationship with bush Alaska. I even loved the things I hated.

On Prince of Wales Island, they measure rain in feet. The incredible downpours caused us to stand on the porch with our jaws dropped. However, it became exhausting when the forecast predicted a 100% chance of rain for days and weeks. For the most part, we dressed for it and continued with life. Every type of rain fell from the sky, from mist to sprinkles to the heavens opening up and unleashing gallons of water upon our heads.

The Aleutian wind blew at hurricane strength so often they cabled some buildings and homes to the ground. During one windstorm, we had a 55-gallon barrel slam into our teacher housing unit. On the other hand, watching the Bering Sea waves in the wind and seeing the school’s windows move with each gust gave us a unique experience.

Now, for the rest of the Alaska story.

The adventure and being out there almost alone sent a thrill through me, but that excitement came with loneliness. Being far from home and family and standing alone on the beach looking out to the vast Bering Sea left me feeling like no one else existed beyond those waves. At night, I’d write stories about our experiences, and the excitement of being there returned.

Living in remote Alaska was like having a romance with a state. I loved it and hated it, but in the end, I couldn’t imagine leaving my adventurous life. Alaska will always have a special place in my heart.

Tongass National Forest – Cook House in Thorne Bay, Alaska – 1999-2016

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