About Melissa Cook

I spent most of my adult life as a schoolteacher in remote Alaska while managing multiple sclerosis. Today, I appear in and film the Wyoming Jeepers show on YouTube. The blogs, shows, and social media links below tell my story.

The Call of the Last Frontier book cover

The Call of the Last Frontier – Amazon affiliate


Alaska Bush Life

The Last Frontier Stories

We moved to bush Alaska for teaching jobs and found a twenty-year Alaska adventure. Alaska Bush Life blog is an extension of my memoir – The Call of the Last Frontier. Some readers wrote they wanted more. More stories. More pictures. More adventures. This weekly Alaska blog is for them – more.


“Didn’t want it to end! Such a great read! Lots of adventure and feeling. Hope the author writes another book soon! Until then, I’ll just read this one again.”
– Julie, Goodreads


“It’s a rarity these days that I am so fascinated by a book. I average reading about 100 books a year, and this one really struck me as special.”
– Randal White, Goodreads


“Simply Amazing. I couldn’t put this book down. Every page filled with adventure, ups, downs, joy, sorrow, struggles, successes. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever dared to follow their dreams and persevered to see them become a reality.”
– Adrienne Hyman, Amazon


“The Call of the Last Frontier by Melissa Cook is by far the best book I’ve ever read . She captivates you constantly with her funny serious and adventures stories of living and teaching school in Alaska.”
– Thomas Harris, Amazon


“Melissa takes you along on this journey and you are right there with her. You feel the excitement, the trepidation, the fears, the highs, and the lows. This book gives you the true experience of Alaskan bush life and what individuals and families go through to survive not only physically but mentally.”
– Ruth V, Amazon


“Talk about ‘Out of your Comfort Zone.’ What a marvelous story of strength, determination, adaptability, and joy. I felt like I was there to experience the joys and hardships.”
– TN Granny, Amazon


“Rated with 5 stars because that is what this book deserved. A true account of a family that had an awesome experience.”
– Charlie Ferguson, Goodreads




My Multiple Sclerosis Story

In 2011, I left my career in education for medical disability due to multiple sclerosis. To share my story and the latest research with others, I began blogging on MSsymtpoms.me in 2013. I took a break between 2017-2021 to write The Call of the Last Frontier: The True Story of a Woman’s Twenty-Year Alaska Adventure, to spend time with my mother before her death, and to build our home. I began blogging again in the fall of 2021. Catch up with the latest MS news and find out what I am up to on this weekly blog.


“A Riveting Read – Melissa Cook is one brave individual. Her new book captures the feel of Alaska, displays the tenacity and kindness of her spirit – and provides a roadmap for those with a chronic illness who need a guidelight to hope for life amidst adversity.”
– nwmsdoc, Amazon


“We are stronger together – your story encouraged me! Thanks!”
– Mal ‘Pram’ Kiely, Twitter


“I so admire you for your activities in the face of such a debilitating disease. Melissa, you’re an inspiration to all of us.” and “Melissa, you are a truly amazing woman. I admire your determination to live, not just exist.” and “You are my hero! Heroine? Whatever–you are it!”
Peggy Lovelace Ellis, Linkedin


“Great blog! That is some great info too!”
– Edie Sohigian, Thriving Over Surviving  MS podcast


“You’re a true inspiration.”
– Diane Poole, Linkedin


You are a great role model for others in shoes like ours.” – Deborah Petrina, author of Managing MS


“I take my hat off to you and anyone who suffers from MS. I think they are very brave people. You are a true inspiration.” – Simon Gallimore, Author

Melissa Cook standing next to her Jeep

Melissa Cook – Wyoming Jeeper


Wyoming Jeepers

Come Along for the Ride

Wyoming Jeepers include Elgin & Melissa Cook and Dan & Elaine Flores of Burlington, Wyoming. Together, we explore from the Wyoming badlands to the mountaintops and share our adventures for others to enjoy. Okay, we mix in a bit of humor with the scenery and Jeeping because who doesn’t love to laugh a little? Watch us on YouTube and check out our webpage – www.WyomingJeepers.com


“By far the best Morrison Jeep Trail video on You Tube.”
– Cory Ziegenbein


“You gals continue to crack me up!!”


“Your videos are a pleasure to watch! Love the positive energy you each have and the wheeling is always top notch!” and “This is one of those videos that you wish would not end!”
Overland Pacific Northwest


“That was quite the adventure,” and “Very wild adventure, especially with the raptor attack on the drone.”
ALinsdau, explorer & adventurer


“love your videos! Killer scenery, beautiful Jeeps and friends making memories!! My only advice is for you to make more videos,” and “wow! wow! wow! Crazy! You can see that darn bird just waiting to demolish the drone. y’all are Griswolds 2.0!”
– Jason


“Always a treat getting to watch your adventures!”


“Holy cow! WOW!! That’s all I gotta say! LOL Love the great drone footage & the music! What amazing country! “
– Janet Mitchell


“Beautiful video again! Love the laughter and the scenery!”
– Robert Hallam


“SO ENJOYING watching your adventures!”
– Jeanene Lunsford


“Great job making a video of your trip …as usual! We always look forward to seeing your next adventure!!”