Alaska Book Corner: Alaska Bear Tales

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Author Larry Kaniut

Larry Kaniut is a retired Anchorage high school English teacher who moved to Alaska from Oregon in 1966, shortly after marrying Pamela Timmons. Over the years, Larry Kaniut became a household name in Anchorage, Alaska, and around the nation thanks to his captivating books, beginning with his first bestseller, Alaska Bear TalesOutdoor Life, Anchorage Times, Alaska Magazine, and Outdoor America featured his incredible stories. In addition, he has appeared on national TV and radio shows, such as Good Morning America.

Kaniut is not only a gifted and renowned author but also an accomplished artist and pilot, having built his plane himself.

Larry Kaniut holds up a few of his books covering his face
Larry Kaniut‘s Books

Now for the rest of the Alaska story.

A store bookshelf with books by Larry Kaniut and Melissa Cook
Larry Kaniut‘s Book on the Shelf Next to Mine – The Call of the Last Frontier

It was a surprise beyond my imagination when Larry Kaniut called me in response to a letter I had sent to him. “This is Larry Kaniut,” he said as I quickly took a seat, trying not to fall to the floor in shock. We became fast friends, bonded by our shared passion for storytelling. I had written to him, asking if he would consider endorsing my book. Three days later, he sent me pages of notes, which included the perfect blurb for my book. Larry’s endorsement has been a valuable asset in my journey as an author, and I am grateful for his generosity and friendship.

Today, our books sit together on the shelves of Alaska bookstores and airports, and I could not be more thrilled.

“A well-written and accurate description of the raw edge of Alaska… out there in the Bush… where few city ‘essentials’ exist… and there is NO reprieve. A phenomenal read with a goosebump ending.”

—Larry Kaniut’s endorsement of The Call of the Last Frontier

Larry and Pam Kaniut Stand by their yellow plane
Larry & Pam Kaniut

Review: Alaska Bear Tales

Larry Kaniut keeps you on the edge of your seat. I read his Alaska Bear Tales for the first time when I was a tenderfoot (a newbie) in Alaska. In a tiny Aleut village on the Bering Sea, I snuggled up on the couch, devouring his thrilling stories about bear attacks. Initially terrified of the Alaskan bears, Larry’s stories helped me understand bear behavior, why they attack, and how to avoid dangerous encounters. I LOVED all of Larry’s books. When I left Alaska twenty years later, I donated most of the books on my shelf to the local library but held onto all of the ones authored by Larry Kaniut.

Alaska Bear Tales red book cover with a bear on the front
Alaska Bear Tales – the original cover

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Larry Kaniut flying in his yellow plane
Larry Kaniut – the Pilot
Drawing by Larry Kaniut of a Jeep with one tire off a cliff and a bird looking at the passenger
Larry Kaniut – the Artist
A long line of book covers from Larry Kaniut's collection
Books by Larry Kaniut on Amazon (affiliate link)

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