MELISSA COOK was raised in Detroit, Michigan and Tucson, Arizona before moving to Wyoming where she married ELGIN COOK. Together they raised three boys in bush Alaska while working as teachers and school district administrators. Melissa earned advanced degrees in school administration and educational technology from the University of Alaska.


Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, Melissa learned to manage chronic illness while living remotely and eventually went on medical disability in 2011. Despite health issues, she blogged daily about life with MS on and earned certifications as an EMR and then EMT. She volunteered for the Thorne Bay EMS until she and her husband retired from the State of Alaska in 2016.


Today they reside in the small farming community in Wyoming where they have spent their retirement days Jeeping, writing books, traveling, building their home, and spending time with family. Melissa continues to volunteer for the local fire department.

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