Unique Alaska Snowman on Prince of Wales

Alaska Snowman with Fern for Hair - Craig, Alaska, 2015Snowman with Fern for Hair Constructed by Ethan & Evey Cook - POW, Alaska, 2015

Alaska—snow, and ice, right? Well, not really. Where I lived in Thorne Bay, we received 129 inches of rain annually (close to 11 feet) and had 50 snow days. The humidity averaged 87%, making homes in the area feel cool and clammy unless a dehumidifier ran nonstop. Our dehumidifier removed more than a gallon of water from 800 square feet every single day. The outside humidity fell below 60% only ten days per year.

The fall season brings the most rain to Thorne Bay, and November is the wettest month of all, with 24 rainy days racking up 17 inches of precipitation. With that much rain, you might expect the town to be windy too. Nope. Thorne Bay is relatively calm unless a storm moves in.

When the rain turns to snow in late December, fat flakes often create near-whiteout conditions. Thick snow falling through the air on a peaceful night feels surreal at times, especially at night when I walked the dogs. The wet snow accumulation made for excellent building material the next day. My grown son played in the snow outside his home with his daughter, and they created this unique Alaska snowman—unique considering the ferns for hair and its shapely figure.

Now, for the rest of the story.

I pulled up to Ethan’s home, and this is what I discovered when I approached his apartment. He stood in the doorway grinning and asked, “Do you like it, Mom?” In the yard, Evey laughed with delight.

By 2015, we had lived in the Tongass National Forest for 17 years, and never had the boys used ferns for hair on a snowman. And I must say, that snowman is probably a snowwoman with that figure.

The long hair on Mrs. Frosty is quite fitting, considering they made her my granddaughter.

Snowman with ferns for hair - Craig, Alaska
Snowman with Ferns for Hair – Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, 2015

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